• Joining Panos Pictures

    Joining Panos Pictures

    I´m delighted to announce that I´m joining the photo agency Panos pictures. So happy to be part of this family where I have some good friends.

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  • Group Exhibition in Tehran, Iran.

    Group Exhibition in Tehran, Iran.

    I´m delighted to announce that I´ll be part of the group exhibition "trace" in the Silk Road Art Gallery in Tehran, Iran.

    Trace, approaches the subject of war from a psychological angel and is an exploration of human values within the harsh context of conflicts. The exhibition consists of photographs from seven photographers; Ali and Ramyar, Saba Alizadeh, Samuel Aranda, Saeid Hatami, Babak Kazemi and Mehdi Monem.This group exhibition is the result of collaboration between the cultural department of the Spanish embassy and Silk Road Gallery in Tehran and will run until 17th of February 2014.

    I´ll be attending the opening on february 7th, and a round table with photographers.

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  • New Project in Barcelona

    New Project in Barcelona

    I´m happy to announce that I´ll be the curator of a new project in Barcelona. "Objectiu Bcn, Retratem La Ciutat", is a photo documentary project that attemps to be a memory of Barcelona city in 2014. Includes workshops, talks, and a final exhibtion with all the participants.

    12 cultural centers around the city will hold the workshops during six months with reputed photographers. The new Museum of Art and Design will hold the masterclasses. 

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  • Group Exhibition

    Group Exhibition

    My work on the spanish crisis part of a group exhibition in La Virreina,  Barcelona.

    Divided into thematic blocks, its journey alternates historically renowned figures and creators from recent generations, ranging from internationally acclaimed Catalan photographers to those who shape the image of everyday life in the city’s media, in a narrated series about the social uses of photography in the production of the imaginaries that make up the visual culture of Barcelona. It also includes a large quantity of media, ranging from analogue photography to digital manipulation, file montages and slideshows, and also explores every possible genre, from the photography of urban forms to fashion, including its uses in contemporary art, counter-photographic practice, portraiture and photojournalism. It is a choral portrait which also seeks to encourage debate, thinking and the production of public knowledge about the contemporary photographic sector.

    Opening: Wednesday 4 December 2013, at 7.30 pm.

    CURATORS: Alex Brahim, Manuel Segade

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  • Paris Photo 14-17 November

    Paris Photo 14-17 November

    I´ll be attending Paris Photo from November 14th to the 17th presenting a new limited edition box with 10 prints of my latest work from Yemen. We´ll have an apartment near the Grand Palais for private visits where collectors can purchase the box and see some other work. Only Saturday 16th from 10h to 14h, by appointments. 

    Please if you are interested contact Inés Martínez Ribas by email:

  • Assignment for the new United Nations University in Barcelona UNU-GCM

    Assignment for the new United Nations University in Barcelona UNU-GCM

    I´m delighted to announce the agreement and assignment by the new University of the United Nations, UNU-GCM, that held its official opening past September 17th

    Curated by Parvati Nair founding Director of the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM), I was assigned to photograph for few weeks the modern Barcelona. A challenge to photograph the multiculturalism and the different urban changes that the city is suffering for the last years. This images will be the decoration of the new UNU-GCM offices in Barcelona. 

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    I want to thanks to Parvati Nair , for the opportunity of being part in this new project.

    Also to Gustavo Bernabé, that make possible the opening exhibition.

    As well to Anna Franzil and Regina Salanova for their help with the project.

    A image of the photos being display in the reformed modernist building in Sant Pau, where now will be the headquarters of UNU-GCM

    One of the images of the project. Barcelona , August 2013.